Brian Crane

George W. and Grace L. Todd Professor


The Crane group studies structure, function and mechanism of protein systems that underlie signal transduction. Of particular emphasis are processes mediated by redox and photochemistry and those dependent on highly cooperative macromolecular assemblies. Projects include understanding circadian clock light sensors, bacterial transmembrane signaling, nitric oxide enzymology and general aspects of protein electron transfer.

Research Focus

  • Understanding interactions among proteins, electrons, and photons
  • How metalloenzymes stabilize transient intermediates during catalysis
  • How protein structure controls long-range electron transfer
  • How photo and redox processes are used in biological information transfer
  • Combine genetic and chemical manipulation of proteins, atomic-resolution structure determination, and novel photochemically triggered experiments in single crystals
  • Understanding How Structure Controls Electron Transfer and Activated States in Metalloenzymes
  • Bacterial Nitric Oxide Synthases:
  • Light and Redox Sensing
  • Bacterial Chemotaxis


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