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Bauer Scholarship Award

The Bauer Scholarship Award is given to graduate students (going into their final year of study at Cornell) who have demonstrated scientific and educational excellence as well as communication skills.​ This award provides them with the opportunity to give a research presentation at their alma mater, covering travel expenses, a two-day hotel stay, and a per diem for a trip that has to be made before the end of May the following year. The format for the research presentation will be determined by the host institution and can range from a group meeting to a departmental talk.

Recent Bauer Scholarships

ACS Cornell Section Graduate Teaching Award (formerly Covestro Teaching Award)

This Teaching Award is given to graduate students who are recognized as outstanding Teaching Assistants (TAs) in our undergraduate classes.

Recent Covestro Teaching Awards

Howard Neal Wachter Memorial Prize

The Howard Neal Wachter Memorial Prize was established by the parents of Howard Wachter, a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology who died after a long and courageous fight against cancer in 1975. This prize is normally awarded to our best 3rd year graduate students in Physical Chemistry (broadly defined), taking into consideration the quality of the prospective awardee's work and potential contribution to the profession, although consideration will also be given to exceptional 4th year graduate students. To reflect Howard Wachter's own interests as a graduate student, special consideration will be given to students interested in Theory.

Recent Howard Neal Wachter Memorial Prizes

Tunis Wentink Prize

The Tunis Wentink Prize is given to graduate students (in their final year of study at Cornell) who have distinguished themselves in their research and academic achievements.

Recent Tunik Wentink Prizes