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General Chemistry Courses

Chemistry 1560 (Fall/Summer, 4 units; 3 lecs/wk; Median grade: 2.8): Introduction to General Chemistry is a one-semester introduction to the field of chemistry that prepares students for Chem 1570. Chem 1560 has one more lecture per week than Chem 2070 and recitation section. Students who have never taken a chemistry course or who have very weak preparation sometimes take Chem 1560 + 2080 (Fall + Spring), although Chem 2070 is appropriate and recommended for students continuing on to Chem 2080. Chem 1560 is not recommended for premed or prevet students. Students who have had an AP chem course should not enroll in Chem 1560.

Chemistry 2070 and 2080 (Fall + Spring or Summer, 4 units; 2 lecs/wk; Median grade: 2.8 and 2.9, respectively): General Chemistry I and II is the standard two-semester sequence in general chemistry and covers fundamental chemical principles. Students with one year of high school chemistry usually take Chem 2070 + 2080. These courses satisfy the introductory chemistry requirement for most medical and veterinary programs, as well as for the chemistry major.

Chemistry 1070 (Fall; 2 units;2 lecs/wk S/U Only): Cognitive Reasoning for the Chemical Sciences is a companion course for General Chemistry 2070 only. Students with low preparation in general chemistry OR low SAT Math Reasoning scores are advised to consider this course (SAT 1 Math scores below 630).  Chem 1070 material allows students to more successfully approach Cornell General Chemistry examination problems. The course consists of two interactive classes with the course professor (morning),  one two hour session in peer-led workshops (afternoon), and one two hour mock examination per week (afternoon).  Attendance to all classes, peer-led group sessions, and completion of all mock-examinations are required for a passing grade.  This program has been proven effective in increasing Chem 2070 grades for students with all but the highest levels of preparation.

Chemistry 1080 (Spring; 2 units;2 lecs/wk S/U Only): Cognitive Reasoning for the Chemical Sciences Part II is a companion course for General Chemistry 2080 and is analogous to Chem 1070. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor.

Chemistry 2090 (Fall or Spring, 4 units; 3 lecs/wk; Median grade: 3.0): Engineering General Chemistry is a one-semester course, equivalent to 2070, for all students in the College of Engineering. High school chemistry is a prerequisite. Students interested in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering may take Chem 2150, depending on their level of interest and preparation. Chem 2090 prepares students for Chem 2080 and is therefore an appropriate pre-medical choice.

Chemistry 2150 (Fall, 4 units; 3 lecs/wk; Median grade: 3.3): Honors General Chemistry is an honors-level one semester course in introductory chemistry. It requires calculus or concurrent enrollment in calculus. This course is intended for students who have earned a score of 5 on the CEEB AP exam, or who have comparable preparation. Students will maintain AP credit by taking Chem 2150. Chem 2150 may be followed by Chem 3590 in the Spring.

Organic Chemistry Courses

Chemistry 1570 (Spring or Summer, 3 units; 3 lecs/wk): Introductory Organic and Biological Chemistry is a one-semester overview of organic chemistry. The prerequisite is Chemistry 1560 or 2070 or 2090. The course is not recommended for premedical or preveterinary students, but it will adequately prepare students for biochemistry courses. This course can be followed by Chemistry 3570 and/or 3580, but credit will not be given for both 1570 and 3570.

Chemistry 3570 and 3580 (Fall + Spring or Summer, 3 units; 3 lecs/wk): Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences is the standard two-semester sequence of organic chemistry. These are the recommended courses for students with premedical or preveterinary interests. The prerequisite for Chem 3570 is Chemistry 2080 or 2150.

Chemistry 3590 (2012-2013: Fall and Spring.  Thereafter, Spring only) and 3600 (2012-2013: Spring only.  Thereafter, Fall only.), (4 units, 3 lecs/wk): Honors Organic Chemistry I and II are the honors-level, two semester courses in organic chemistry. The sequence begins in the Spring to accommodate students who have completed Chem 2150 in the Fall. The prerequisite is Chemistry 2080 or 2150.

Chemistry 2510 (Fall, Spring or Summer) 2 units. Introduction to Experimental Organic Chemistry is a laboratory course intended to fulfill the organic laboratory requirement of various curricula.

Typical Course Sequences

Typical Sequence Year One Year Two
Chemistry 2070 (1070 Optional) + 2080 (1080 Optional) or 2150 + 3590 See undergraduate page
Premedical or preveterinary (standard) 2070 + 2080 or 2150 +AP credit 3570 + 3580 + 2510
Engineers (Chem., Envir., or Bio) 2090 + 2080 or 2150 + AP credit  
Engineers (others, not premedical) 2090  
Nutrition & Human Biology, Health and Society, Premed 2070 + 2080 3570 + 3580 + 2510
Non-premed   1570 (or 3570+3580) + 2510
Biology (most) 2070 + 2080 3570 + 3580 + 2510
Biology (weak background in chemistry or minimal preveterinary) 1560 + 1570 2510 + 2080
Animal Science (not preveterinary) 1560 + 1570  
Food Science 1560 + 1570  


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