CCB Mission and Values

CCB Mission

Education—We use evidence-based methods to prepare students for future roles in the scientific community. We are committed to increasing participation in STEM by providing formal undergraduate preparatory programs. As a department, we are committed to delivering high quality education for undergraduates and graduate students. Our faculty, staff, graduate TAs, and undergraduate TAs are strongly committed to teaching.

Discovery—We produce timely and consistently high-quality science that encompasses both fundamental and applied research. Our research drives the development of scientific knowledge and inspires others. We strive to be at the cutting edge of technology development and scientific discovery. We draw upon the expertise of the many facilities and resources at Cornell into our research.

CCB Values

Excellence—The department prides itself on training creative scientists and producing cutting-edge science. The department is continuously seeking improvement in this regard by attracting eager minds (students and faculty) and adapting to changes in the definition of “chemistry”. We will continue to strive towards excellence in our scientific pursuits.

Integrity—The department is committed to doing what is right. This effort is most apparent in the context of academic integrity, but also translates to honesty in scientific pursuits and interpersonal interactions. We will continue to uphold high standards for the integrity of our community.

Mentorship and Collaboration—As scholars, we have the responsibility to pass on knowledge from one generation to the next and share ideas with each other and the broader scientific community. Thus, it is our duty to ensure that each student, postdoc, and professor receives the best guidance from their senior peers. We will continue to adhere to the notion that “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

Equity and Inclusion—We want to foster a community that provides consistent access to scientific resources across different populations. As a community, we acknowledge that each individual comes from different walks of life with their own unique experiences. We welcome and celebrate each member of our community independent of cultural background, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, or political affiliation. With the intention of building a close-knitted community, we will strive to celebrate our differences and learn from each other.

Respect and Open Communication—We want a community in which everyone treats each other with dignity, compassion, and professionalism. All members of our community need to be treated fairly. We value the importance of free speech with the guiding principle of respecting one another’s differing opinions and viewpoints. We work every day to overcome unfounded prejudices. We also strive to be as transparent as possible about actions taken by the department and our community members. We respect one another's scientific interests and ideas.

Well-being—We support the health and safety of ourselves and all other members of our community. We believe each member of our department plays a vital role in the success of the department and university. We prioritize the physical and mental health of the people in our department and emphasize safety in our work environment.