Centers, Facilities, and Support

Research Centers

Biotechnology Resource Center
130 Biotechnology Building (607) 255-2300
Center for Advanced Computing
Frank H.T. Rhodes Hall (607) 254-8686
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Center for Advanced Technology
402 Weill Hall (607) 254-6541
Center for Alkaline-based Energy Solutions (CABES) 173 ST Olin (607) 255-2000
Cornell Center for Materials Research
625 Clark Hall of Science

(607) 255-4272

Cornell Energy Systems Institute
171A Kimball Hall (607) 255-9222
Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source
161 Synchrotron Drive (607) 255-7163
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Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility
250 Duffield Hall (607) 255-2329
David R. Atkinson Center for Sustainable Future
200 Rice Hall (607) 255-7535
Energy Materials Center at Cornell
173 S.T. Olin (607) 255-6083
Institute of Biotechnology 130 Biotechnology Building (607) 255-2300
Kavli Institute at Cornell for Nanoscale Science
420 Physical Sciences Building (607) 255-5580
National Biomedical Center for AdvanCed Electron Spin Resonance Technology
B28 Baker Laboratory (607) 255-4632
Northeastern Collaborative Access Team
Building 436E, 9700 South Cass Avenue, Lemont, IL 60439 (630) 252-0681
Quantum Science  Engineering Cornell Research
Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology Weill Hall (607) 255-9080
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Research Facilities

Catalyst Development and Discovery Laboratory
575 S.T. Olin (607) 255-5401
Anne M. LaPointe
Mass Spectrometry Olin B-78 (607) 255-0709
Ivan Keresztes
NMR Facility Olin B-73, B-69, B-63 (607) 255-0709
Ivan Keresztes
Polymer Characterization Facility B71 S.T. Olin (607) 255-9021
Dimitrios Koumoulis
X-Ray Diffraction Facility 167 S.T. Olin (607) 255-0748
Samantha MacMillan

Research Support

Chemistry Building Services B76 S.T. Olin (607) 255-7309
Chemistry IT 140 Baker Laboratory (607) 255-6278
Electronic/Instrument Shop G21 Baker Laboratory (607) 255-2372
Stockroom G75 S.T. Olin (607) 255-3356

Requesting Lab Space

A number of teaching lab spaces in Baker Lab are available for use by Cornell departments or affiliated groups. Approval for the use of teaching lab space is granted by the department safety committee.

The event coordinator for each group must first complete the Undergraduate Lab use Request survey.

Approval for use of teaching lab spaces is subject to the following conditions:

  • Timely submission of the request.
  • The requesting entity provides all information requested in the survey or by the safety committee.
  • Completion of required safety training.
  • The proposed use of the facilities would not disturb or otherwise interfere with other building activities.
  • The requesting entity agrees to follow all appropriate University policies as well as those specified by the Safety Committee review.
  • The requesting entity using the spaces will take proper care of the facilities and take full responsibility for any damages that may occur.


Any damage to the facility or laboratory equipment must be reported to the Laboratory Services Supervisor no later than the following business day.

The event coordinator is responsible for the repair and/or replacement cost associated with such damage.

Emergency Procedures

All fire and general safety procedures must be followed. If an emergency occurs, notify University response personnel by an appropriate means (fire pull box, emergency phone, etc.) and exit the building.

If, at any time during an event, the building fire alarm is activated, participants must cease all work and evacuate immediately following the Baker Lab Building Evacuation Plan.



Maximum Capacity

G01 A,B,C,D,E

Ground floor lab cluster consisting of (5) lab spaces.

Room:  (23) including instructor,

Cluster:  (115) including instructors

101 A,B,C,D,E

1st floor lab cluster consisting of (5) lab spaces.

Room: (23) including instructor,

Cluster:  (115) including instructors

201 A,B,C,D,E

2nd floor lab cluster consisting of (5) lab spaces.

Room: (23) including instructor,

Cluster:  (115) including instructors

301 A,B,C

3rd floor lab cluster consisting of (3) lab spaces.

Room: (23) including instructor,

Cluster:  (69) including instructors