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Tristan Lambert


Tristan Lambert

Educational Background

  • NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • PhD, California Institute of Technology
  • MS, University of California at Berkeley
  • BS, University of Wisconsin at Platteville



  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Research in the Lambert group is focused in the area of catalysis.  We are especially interested in the development of novel catalytic strategies for selective organic synthesis. Projects that we have been active in include electrophotocatalysis, catalytic carbonyl-olefin metathesis, and the study of aromatic ions.  In approaching these and other problems, we strive to develop highly effective practical solutions while asking interesting questions of reactivity and mechanism.  We bring both synthetic and physical organic techniques to bear on answering these questions as we work to develop catalyst systems of practical value for the field of organic synthesis.


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