Previous Passer Lectures

Spring 2019

David A. Sanders, Purdue University

  • March 25: Ethics of Scientific Publication

Fall 2017

David Oxtoby, Pomona College

  • October 2: Chemistry, Creativity, and the Liberal Arts

Fall 2016

Steven Chu, Stanford University

  • September 8: Climate change and low cost path to clean energy

Spring 2012

William F. Brinkman, Department of Energy

  • April 2

Spring 2011

Robert L. Kleinberg, Schlumberger-Doll Research

  • February 3: The Marcellus Shale: Science and Technology

Spring 2008

Bruce E. Bursten, University of Tennessee, Knoxville and President, American Chemical Society

  • April 24: The Centrality of Chemistry

Fall 2008

Madeleine Jacobs, American Chemical Society

  • October 30: The Changing Nature of the Chemistry Enterprise: Whither Chemists and the American Chemical Society

Fall 2004

Arthur Ellis, University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • September 10: New Chemical Bonds: Partnership with the National Science Foundation

Fall 2003

Charles P. Casey, University of Wisconsin, Madison and President-elect of the American Chemical Society

  • October 2: Challenges for Chemists

Fall 2002

Frank H.T. Rhodes, President Emeritus, Cornell University

  • September 9: Science and the Academy