Previous Aggarwal Lectures

Fall 2023

Kyoko Nozaki, University of Tokyo

  • August 21: A 30-year Journey of Stereocontrol in Polymer Synthesis: Tacticity Control in Copolymers of Propylene
  • August 22: Catalyst Development Toward Effective Use of Unutilized Carbon Resources

Spring 2023

Laura Kiessling, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • March 15: Protein-Glycan Interactions in Immunity
  • March 16: Biomimetic Probes of the Host-Microbe Interface

Fall 2019

Jeffrey R. Long, University of California, Berkeley

  • August 8: Coordinatively-Unsaturated Metal Sites and Molecular Separations in Metal-Organic Frameworks
  • August 9: Cooperative Adsorption in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Fall 2018

Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University

  • September 21: Crystal Engineering with DNA

Spring 2018

Jeffrey Moore, University of Illinois

  • May 21: Probing Reaction Pathways in Dynamic Covalent Chemistry
  • May 22: Organic Chemistry at the Interface of Materials and Mechanics

Spring 2017

Tim Swager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • April 19: Molecular Electronics for Chemical Sensors
  • April 20: Dynamic Droplets

Spring 2016

E.W. (Bert) Meijer, Eindhoven University of Technology

  • April 18: From Supramolecular Polymers to Functional Systems
  • April 19: Folding of Macromolecules: Functional Single-Chain Polymer Nanoparticles

Spring 2015

Colin Nuckolls, Columbia University

  • May 19: Contorted Aromatics

Stuart Rowan, Case Western Reserve University

  • May 19: Structurally Dynamic Polymers: Using Dynamic Bonds to Access Macroscopically-Responsive Materials

Spring 2013

Ludwik Leibler, ESPCI, Paris Tech

  • April 15: Self-healing Rubbers, super-processible plastics and universally dispersible colloids from supramolecular assemblies
  • April 16: Vitrimers

Fall 2010

Joseph M. DeSimone, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • September 27: Green Chemistry: The Opportunity for Using Liquid and Supercritical CO ir2 Polymer Synthesis and Processing
  • September 28: Design of Better Medicines and Vaccines Using the Nanofabrication Technologies from the Superconductor Industry

Spring 2010

Fraser Stoddart, Northwestern University

  • February 25: Polyrotaxanes
  • February 26: Polycatenanes

Spring 2008

Olli Ikkala, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

  • May 20: Combining Biological Structural Units Within Polymer Self-Assemblies: A Materials Scientist's Perspective
  • May 21: Block Copolymer Templating for Nano-Objects and Hierarchical Porus Materials
  • May 22: Model Studies on Fullerene/Polymer Nanocomposites as Memory Elements

Spring 2007

Edward Kramer, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • May 21: Block Copolymer Melting in Two Dimensions: Order, Disorder and Defects in Block Copolymer Monolayers
  • May 22: Nanoparticles Covered with Polymer Brushes: Positioning in, and Influence, on Block Copolymer Morphology
  • May 23: Probing and Simulating the Structure of Block Copolymer Multilayers and Monolayers

Spring 2006

Jean Fréchet, University of California, Berkeley

  • May 22: Polymers and “Plastics Electronics”
  • May 23: Polymers in Chemo- and Immuno-Therapy

Spring 2005

Glenn Fredrickson, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • May 23: Field-Theoretic Polymer Simulations: An Introduction
  • May 24: Field-Theoretic Polymer Simulations: Applications
  • May 25: Field-Theoretic Polymer Simulations: Attack on the Sign Problem

Spring 2004

Timothy Lodge, University of Minnesota

  • May 24: Martensitic Transformations in Block Copolymer Solutions
  • May 25: The Viscosity of Polymer Mixtures: A Simple Explanation for a Complicated Phenomenon
  • May 26: Design of Tryptych Polymeric Surfactants for Internally Structured Micelles

Spring 2003

Matthew Tirrell, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • May 19: Forces Between Layers of Polyelectrolyte Chains Tethered to Surfaces
  • May 20: Biofunctionalization of Interfaces with Peptide-Lipid Conjugates
  • May 21: Issues in Chemical Processing by Self-Assembly

Spring 2002

Andrew B. Holmes, University of Cambridge, UK

  • May 20: Conjugated Polymers for Optoelectronic Applications
  • May 21: Synthesis in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
  • May 22: Synthesis of Natural and Non-natural Materials - a Matter of Conjugation

Spring 2001

Mitsuo Sawamoto, Kyoto University

  • May 21: Metal-Catalyzed Living Radical Polymerizations Towards Precision Polymer Synthesis
  • May 22: Lewis Acid-Catalyzed Living Cationic Polymerizations Towards Precision Polymer Synthesis
  • May 23: Precision Polymer Synthesis via Living Polymerizations

Spring 2000

Robert Waymouth, Stanford University

  • May 22: Designer Polyolefins: Stereospecific Olefin Polymerization with Well-Defined Catalysts
  • May 23: Elastomeric Polypropylene: Structure and Properties of Stereoblock Polypropylene
  • May 24: Control of Sequence Distribution in Olefin Copolymerization

Spring 1999

Frank Bates, University of Minnesota

  • May 24: Block Copolymers – Designer Soft Materials;
  • May 25: Interfacial Entanglements – A New Approach to Toughening Polyolefins

Spring 1998

Rolf Mülhaupt, Institut für Makromolekulare Chemie, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg

  • May 19: New Routes to Engineering Polymers: Supramolecular Assemblies
  • May 20: New Routes to Engineering Polymers: Nonostructures and Hybrid Materials
  • May 21: Tailor-Made Polyolefins and New Polymer Architectures via Catalytic Polymerization

Spring 1997

Virgil Percec, Case Western Reserve University

  • May 19: Design of 3-Dimensional Polymers. Reaching the Limits of Conventional Organic and Polymer Chemistry
  • May 20: Nature as Model for the Design of New Supramolecular and Macromolecular Functional Systems
  • May 21: New Metal Catalyzed Living Radical and Step Polymerizations Using Sulfonyls and Sulfonates as Initiators and Leaving Groups

Spring 1996

Helmut Ringsdorf, University of Mainz, Germany

  • May 20: What Do Multienzyme Complexes and Highly Photoconductive Discotic Liquid Crystals Have in Common?
  • May 21: Tailoring of Bioreactive Surfaces: What Can We Learn From the Immuncascade?
  • May 22: Function Based on Self-Organization and Molecular Recognition

Fall 1995

Robert H. Grubbs, California Institute of Technology

  • September 20: The Development of Catalysts for the Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Cyclic Olefins
  • September 21: The Use of Transition Metal Catalysts in the Synthesis of Polymers and Other Organic Molecules

Spring 1995

C. Grant Willson, University of Texas,Austin

  • May 23: Specialty Polymers for the Electronics Industry: Where Will They Come From Now?