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Dotsevi Y. Sogah

Professor Emeritus

Dotsevi Y. Sogah

Baker Laboratory, Room B50

Educational Background

  • PhD, University of California - Santa Barbara
  • MS, University of California - Los Angeles
  • BSc, University of Ghana - Lagon


Research in Professor Sogah’s group covers the design and synthesis of new polymers, preparation of protein-based polymers and application of living polymerization methods to surface functionalization of nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes.


Polymer science, control of macromolecular stereochemistry, protein-based polymers, nanoscale materials


  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Graduate Fields

  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Professor Sogah and group's interest lies in the development of cost-effective, one-pot chemistry that uses cationic, anionic, free radical, and step-growth polymerizations in an orthogonal fashion. This approach relies on a multifunctional initiator containing initiating sites for each method and has led to the synthesis of novel functional macromonomers. In living free-radical polymerization, they are investigating novel functionalized nitroxyl radicals that operate at lower temperatures and can tolerate a broad scope of monomers. In their continuing studies of GTP, they are probing control of stereochemistry and regio-chemistry using cyclopolymerization, chiral monomers and initiators.