David B. Zax

Associate Professor


Professor Zax's research looks to study novel materials via solid state NMR, with an emphasis on systems where disorder (either in structure, dynamics, or both) is an inherent property of the system, rather than an imperfection in the preparation.

Research Focus

My group has combined advances in methodologies with applications of solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance experiments to important and interesting real materials systems. When we are lucky, these two spheres of interest overlap.

We have been particularly interested in non-chemical approaches to polymer modification, exploiting an approach based on modification of the surrounding physical environment. Under suitable conditions, a wide variety of polymers-both polar and nonpolar, naturally entangled and more crystalline-can be intercalated into layered solids. These polymer nanocomposites often exhibit novel properties that can be conveniently mediated by controlling subtle guest-host interactions. Solid-state NMR is a powerful tool for monitoring the microscopic differences, static and dynamic, that characterize these composites.


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