Organic chemistry is the cornerstone of many sub-disciplines including bioorganic, polymer, organic materials, organometallic and physical organic chemistry. Cornell offers expertise in all major sub-disciplines of organic chemistry. A casual glance at the research programs of Cornell organic chemists reveals a particularly strong theme in understanding reaction mechanism. In addition, the organic chemists have strong affiliations with the chemical biologists as well as with members of other disciplines on campus including material science, chemical engineering, catalysis, and molecular and cell biology.

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Image of Mikail Abbasov
Mikail Abbasov

Assistant Professor

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Jeremy M. Baskin

Associate Professor

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Geoffrey W. Coates

Tisch University Professor

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David B. Collum

Betty R. Miller Professor

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Brett P. Fors


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Bruce Ganem

Franz and Elisabeth Roessler Professor

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Tristan Lambert

William T. Miller Professor of Chemistry

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Stephen Lee


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Song Lin

Tisch University Professor

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Phillip Milner

Assistant Professor

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Dotsevi Y. Sogah

Professor Emeritus

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Charles Wilcox

Professor Emeritus

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