Andrew Musser wins Best Paper by an Emerging Investigator Award

Assistant professor Andrew Musser was named winner of a Best Paper by an Emerging Investigator Award by The Journal of Chemical Physics (JCP). Annually, the award celebrates two early-career principal investigators whose work has been highlighted in the JCP Emerging Investigators Special Collection, itself a recognition of excellence.

Musser was honored for his paper, “Untargeted effects in organic exciton–polariton transient spectroscopy: A cautionary tale,” published in JCP on Oct. 15, 2021. The paper explores how to correctly assign transient spectral signatures of excited polaritons -- noting that a concerning fraction of signals reported by groups is likely "the result of artefacts or some uniteresting side effect." JCP Editor-in-Chief, Tianquan Lian, noted that Musser's paper "will have significant impact" on the quality of research in the field. 

Read more about Musser's research and award, here.

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