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Nandini Ananth

Assistant Professor

Baker Laboratory, Room 224



The Ananth group seeks to understand the molecular origin of chemical selectivity in natural and synthetic systems using theoretical simulation techniques derived from the principles of quantum and classical mechanics.



  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Graduate Fields

  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Theoretical simulations offer an exciting window into chemical reaction dynamics at an atomistic level. Our lab develops and uses techniques based on semiclassical theory and the path integral formulation of quantum theory to investigate quantum mechanical processes in complex chemical systems. Specifically, we focus on characterizing photochemical and thermal charge and energy transfer pathways in the condensed phase, and we use the resulting mechanistic insights to generate design principles for novel materials.

Key areas of research activity include:

  • exciton generation, transport and dissociation in organic photovoltaics
  • multi-electron chemistry in mixed-valence transition metal complexes
  • vibrational energy transfer at metal surfaces



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