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Kyle M. Lancaster

Assistant Professor

Olin Chemistry Research Wing, Room 678a



The Lancaster Group employs synthesis, biochemistry, and a broad range of spectroscopic methods to explore small molecule reactivity as mediated by transition metals.

More information and the group's latest news can be found at


inorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, synthesis, outer-sphere coordination, small-molecule activation, climate change, nitrogen cycle


  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Graduate Fields

  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology


  • Mechanisms and bioenergetics of Archaeal nitrification
  • Trapping reactive small molecules using designed outer coordination spheres
  • Spectroscopic explorations of organometallic catalysis



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MacMillan, S. N.; Walroth, R. C.; Perry, D. M; Morsing, T. J.; Lancaster, K. M. Ligand-Sensitive but Not -Diagnostic: Evaluating Cr Valence-to-Core X-ray Emission Spectroscopy as a Probe of Inner-Sphere Coordination. Inorg. Chem. 2015, 54, 205–214.

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