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Wait Lists


Please see your college advisors about adding, dropping and petitioning deadlines.


Why are there wait lists?

Enrollment limits have been placed on chemistry courses that include laboratories because of the fixed number of student stations in our laboratory rooms. Courses with enrollment limits in the Fall Semester are CHEM 1560, 2090, 2150, and 3020. Courses with enrollment limits in the Spring Semester are CHEM 2900, 3030.

What should I do during pre-enrollment?

During the online pre-enrollment periods, laboratory sections will close as they fill. Because lab sections close, you are advised to arrange more flexible parts of your class schedule around your chemistry laboratory section. If your preferred choices for laboratory times are already closed but you are able to find an open laboratory section that could fit your schedule, you are strongly encouraged to take the open slot and adjust the rest of your class schedule accordingly! If, however, when you pre-enroll you cannot find any open laboratory section that you could take, you must use the wait list.

What should I do after pre-enrollment has concluded?

If you wish to enroll in a Chemistry laboratory course but did not do so during pre‐enrollment or if you wish to change a lab time, you must use the waiting list. You cannot use Student Center to add or switch lab sections in CHEM 1560, 2090, 2150, and 3020 after Fall pre‐enrollment or CHEM 2090, 2900, and 3030 after Spring pre-enrollment is over, even if Student Center shows that there are spaces available in a section! The "swap" feature in Student Center cannot be used for Chemistry courses with a laboratory. It is possible to drop a Chemistry course in Student Center, but this should be done solely for the purpose of dropping the course altogether. If you drop a Chemistry course in Student Center in order to try to add a different section, you will lose your space in the course and must use the wait list to attempt to add the course back to your schedule.

How do I get on the wait list?

When you first create your wait list submission and as you add sections to it, confirmation messages will appear. Your list is automatically saved whenever a change is made. While the wait list is open, you may log back on at any time to make changes.

In what order will names be taken from the wait list?

Names of students will be taken from a queue. Your place in the queue is determined by the time at which you first sign up and will not change if you make changes to your waiting list. Please note that we cannot give out any information about your place in the queue.

How will students be admitted to courses from the wait list?

Anyone enrolled in a lab section who is not present at the first meeting of that section will lose their place in that section and hence in the course. That place will then be offered to a person on the wait list. During the first week of labs, you should report to your course's designated location 15 minutes before the scheduled start of each lab time you have selected on the wait list. These locations are: Outside of G29 Baker Lab for Chem 2900, 3030. Once the Teaching Assistants have taken attendance in the labs, any empty places will be immediately filled by students on the wait list who are present at the designated location for their course. If you do not get into a particular lab section, you should return to your course's designated location at the next lab time you indicated on the wait list. You must be present at your course's designated location and signed up on the wait list to be admitted to a lab section.