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Fueling a Sustainable Future

By: Celina Scott-Buechler,  Cornell Research
October 17, 2016

The struggle for a sustainable world is being fought on many fronts. Dedicated researchers in fields we might not immediately think about are working to secure our future. One such researcher is Professor Geoffrey Coates, Chemistry and Chemical Biology. His lab is addressing climate change through what they call green chemistry. Chinelo L. Onyilofor ’15, who has worked with Professor Coates for two years, describes the lab’s goal as “working on chemistry that has real-world applications for environmental sustainability.”

Onyilofor began working with the lab as a junior after taking Professor Coates’ Organic Chemistry II course in the spring of her sophomore year. “One aspect that intrigued me was the various tangible applications that require knowledge in organic chemistry,” she says. Inspired, she decided to shadow the now fifth-year graduate student Kristina M. Hugar in Coates’ lab and became a student research assistant shortly after that.

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Geoffrey Coates