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John A. Marohn


John A. Marohn

Educational Background

  • National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate, US Army Research Laboratory
  • PhD, California Institute of Technology
  • BS, Chemistry, University of Rochester
  • BA, Physics, University of Rochester



Professor John Marohn's group is focused on imaging the structure and function of materials at the nanometer scale.  We are pushing magnetic resonance imaging to nanoscale resolution in order to study individual biomolecules and are developing and applying tools to study charge in thin-film devices -- including the drift, diffusion, trapping, and generation of charge from light.


Pi-conjugated systems, electric force and magnetic resonance force microscopies


  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Graduate Fields

  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Materials Science and Engineering


  • Investigations of mesoscale and nanoscale materials by novel scanned- probe microscopies
  • Formulate new techniques more capable of answering both fundamental and applied questions in mesoscale and nanoscale materials
  • Scanned-probe microscopes


Fall 2021

Spring 2022


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