Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 Graduate Student Awards!

May 8, 2018

The Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology congratulates all of the recipients of the 2018 Graduate Student Awards.

The Tunis Wentink Prize:

Spencer Heins (Wolczanski Group)
Maria Sanford (Coates Group)
Avery Vilbert (Lancaster Group)

The Howard Neal Wachter Memorial Prize:

Lauren Genova (Chen Group)
Yao Yang (Abruña Group)

The Bauer Scholarship Award:

Matthew Church (Ananth Lab)
Jessica Daughtry (Baskin Lab)
William DeBenedetti (Hines Lab)
Lilliana Morris (Coates Lab)
Jesse Poganik (Aye Lab)

The Covestro Teaching Excellence Award:

Ananya Anmangandla (H. Lin Lab)
Jackson Clark (Collum Lab)
Rachael Coleman (Lancaster Lab)
Charlene Konkankit (Wilson Lab)
Ryan Woltornist (Collum Lab)

Learn more about the Graduate Student Awards.

Chemistry Student looking at Flask with Chemicals