Collaboration between Lin, Abruna and Stroock Labs lead to Academic Venture Fund

June 9, 2017

Professor Song Lin's Lab has been awarded an Academic Venture Fund from the Atkinson Center for a collaborative project with the Abruna and Stroock Labs. According to the David R. Atkinson Center for Sustainable Future website, The Academic Venture Fund (AVF) is our incubator for the next generation of sustainable solutions. The AVF seeds original, multidisciplinary research that is not likely to find funding elsewhere because the projects are novel, risky, need early data to establish traction, or involve new teams working together. AVF projects often draw in external partners in industry, government, and nongovernmental organizations. The AVF provides over $1.5 million in funding annually. The fund typically supports 10-15 projects a year across a range of energy, environment, and economic development concerns.

For more information about the research in the Lin lab or Abruna lab, please visit the Lin Group Website or Abruna Group.

Professors Song Lin and Héctor D. Abruña