C&CB Welcomes Prof. Ando and Dr. Milner!

July 5, 2018

With great enthusiasm, C&CB is pleased to announce that Prof. Nozomi Ando and Dr. Phillip Milner will both be joining the faculty as Assistant Professors in July 2018.

Prof. Ando is coming to Cornell from Princeton University, where she was formally an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry. Before her time at Princeton, Prof. Ando carried out postdoctoral work with Catherine Drennan and JoAnne Stubbe in the Chemistry Department of MIT, where she studied complex metalloenzyme systems. Originally trained in physics, she received her Ph.D. with Sol Gruner here at Cornell. Prof. Ando is a rising young star in the area of biophysical chemistry and x-ray based approaches to structural biology. CC&B was very fortunate to succeed in recruiting her to our department. During her independent career at Princeton, Prof. Ando has focused on understanding the coupling between motion and function in proteins. To this problem she has applied novel approaches in x-ray science, in particular, diffuse scattering methods and x-ray solution scattering. Coupled to this work Prof. Ando is applying other types of novel x-ray based experiments, including time-resolved measurements, as well as cryo-electron microscopy. She already carries out groundbreaking work at the CHESS synchrotron and her relocation to Ithaca will further bolster Cornell’s leading efforts in x-ray science.

Dr. Milner is coming to Cornell from UC Berkeley, where he is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Prof. Jeffrey Long’s research group. Before his time at Berkeley, Phill received his Ph.D. with Prof. Stephen Buchwald at MIT. Phill is an expert in synthetic and physical organic chemistry with a strong interest in understanding reaction mechanisms. At UC Berkeley, Phill applied his skills to developing Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs) with the capability of removing carbon dioxide from the flue gas of power plants and new MOFs for liquid-phase separations. At Cornell, Phill intends to combine his expertise in both organic and materials chemistry to develop new applications of MOFs for synthetic organic chemistry and new chemistry for constructing novel Covalent-Organic Frameworks (COFs) with broad application. 

Professor Nozomi Ando and Professor Phill Milner