C&CB News: Fall 2021 edition

December 17, 2021

A Message From the Chair:

As 2021 comes to a welcome end, I'd like to take a few words to underscore some of the truly positive aspects of what has been a year full of unusual challenges. 2021 has tested the resilience, adaptability, and attitude of the department, college, staff, faculty, and all of our students. I am happy to say that we have made it through the challenges, and I believe that we have all grown stronger because of the journey. With that, welcome to the sixth edition of C&CB News, the Newsletter for the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. In our final edition of 2021, we will highlight some of the exceptional accomplishments of our students and faculty during the past year: https://chemistry.cornell.edu/ccb-news---fall-2021-2022.

Baker Laboratory