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The College of Arts Sciences

2018 Graduate Award Symposium

April 30, 2018

Three of C&CB's graduate students have won the Tunis Wentink Prize will be presenting their research at the 2018 Graduate Award Symposium. The Tunis Wentink Prize is given to graduate students (in their final year of study at Cornell) who have distinguished themselves in their research and academic achievements.

Spencer Heins from the Wolczanski Group
“Redox Non-Innocence In the First Row: The Dadi Ligand”

Maria Sanford from the Coates Group
“Catalyst Development for the Synthesis of Functionalizable Aliphatic Polyesters”

Avery Vilbert from the Lancaster Group
“Influence of the Heme-Lysine Crosslink in Cytochrome P460 over Redox Catalysis and Nitric Oxide Sensitivity”

Please join us on Friday, May 11th at 3:00pm in 119 Baker Lab!

2018 Graduate Symposium Flyer