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Although research is not required, most chemistry majors perform independent research at some point in their academic careers, either within the chemistry department or in a related department. Four credits (or the equivalent) of independent research are required for admission to the Honors Program in chemistry. Students may receive credit for research by enrolling in one of the four Introduction to Research courses (4210, 4330, 4610, 4770) and completing the independent research form available from the Instructional Office, 131 Baker Lab.

Research positions must be arranged individually, as not all faculty members have openings at any given time. To arrange a research position, begin by browsing faculty research interests and then contact potential advisors directly (preferably by email) to inquire about openings. This process can be facilitated by attaching your current transcript to your email message. 

Undergraduate students who excel in their chemistry courses may be nominated to receive one of several awards given yearly by the department. Notification to the recipients of an award will occur late in the Spring Semester.