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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Organic Chemistry


OrganicOrganic chemistry is the cornerstone of many sub-disciplines including bioorganic, polymer, organic materials, organometallic, and physical organic chemistry. Cornell offers expertise in all major sub-disciplines of organic chemistry. A casual glance at the research programs of Cornell organic chemists reveals a particularly strong theme in understanding reaction mechanism. In addition, the organic chemists have strong affiliations with the chemical biologists as well as with members of other disciplines on campus including material science, chemical engineering, catalysis, and molecular and cell biology.


Abruña Electrochemistry, molecular electronics, fuel cells, batteries, electrocatalysis.  Group Website
AyeBiocompatible synthetic methodologies in deconvoluting redox regulation, manipulations of protein trafficking, protein multimerization.  Group Website
BaskinCell biology of lipids, new molecular imaging methods.
Coates Polymer synthesis, stereoslective catalysis, mechanism of metal catalyzed reactions.  Group Website
Collum Physical organic chemistry, organolithium chemistry, kinetics and reaction mechanism  Group Website
Dichtel Noncovalent functionalization of carbon nanostructures, organic electronics, reticular chemistry, photovoltaic devices.  Group Website
Fors Polymer synthesis, organic chemistry, catalysis, photochemistry. Group Website
Ganem Synthetic organic and medicinal/pharmaceutical chemistry.
Lee Synthesis, structure and electronic structure of extended solids.  Group Website
Lewis Organic synthesis and catalysis.  Group Website
Lin Protein posttranslational modifications, ADP-ribosylation, dipthamide, C-mannosylation.  Group Website
Meinwald Biosynthesis of biologically active natural products, chemical ecology
Sogah Polymer science, control of macromolecular stereochemistry, protein-based polymers, nanoscale materials.  Group Website
Usher Chemical evolution, sequence specific reactions of nucleid acids, phosphate esters

Wilcox Physical and chemical properties of antiaromatic hydrocarbon, computational chemistry