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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Materials Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

MaterialsMaterials research at Cornell has a continuing tradition of excellence from both an engineering and a chemical perspective. The field of Chemistry and Chemical Biology has thriving research programs in experimental and theoretical materials chemistry from inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry perspectives. 

This strength in materials research is fostered through many centers including: Cornell NanoScale Facility (CNF), Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR), Nanobiotechnology Center (NBTC), and Cornell High-Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS). The combination of an excellent faculty and cutting-edge facilities makes Cornell Chemistry an unparalleled environment to conduct materials-related chemistry.


Abruña Electrochemistry, molecular electronics, fuel cells, batteries, electrocatalysis.  Group Website
AnanthQuantum, classical and semiclassical dynamics, charge and energy transfer processes.
BurlitchInorganic chemistry of materials, synthesis of ceramics with geological and astrophysical importance
ChenSingle molecule spectroscopy, metallochaperone protein-protein interaction, nanocatalysis.  Group Website
Coates  Polymer synthesis, stereoslective catalysis, mechanism of metal catalyzed reactions.  Group Website
Dichtel Noncovalent functionalization of carbon nanostructures, organic electronics, reticular chemistry, photovoltaic devices.  Group Website
DiSalvoSolid state chemistry, materials for fuel cells and thermoelectrics, nanoparticle synthesis, nitride compounds.  Group Website

Electronic structure theory, quantum and statistical mechanics, ab initio molecular dynamics, density functional theory, intermolecular interactions, solvent effects/solvation, inverse design of novel materials.


Polymer synthesis, organic chemistry, catalysis, photochemistry. Group Website

Hines Surface science, scanning probe microscopies, nanofabrication, chemical etching.  Group Website
LeeSynthesis, structure and electronic structure of extended solids.  Group Website
MarohnPi-conjugated systems, electric force and magnetic resonance force microscopies.  Group Website
ParkSynthesis and characterization of carbon nanostructures, nanomaterials-based technology.  Group Website

PetersenSurface non-linear spectroscopy, multidimensional spectroscopy, ultrafast dynamics, and surface structure.  Group Website
SogahPolymer science, control of macromolecular stereochemistry, protein-based polymers, nanoscale materials.  Group Website
ZaxStudy of novel solid materials using solid state magnetic resonance