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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Chemical Biology

Chemical Biology

Chemical BiologyWe define chemical biology as the application of chemistry to the study of molecular events in biological systems. This broad interdisciplinary interpretation encompasses well-established divisions of chemistry such as bioorganic, biophysical, bioanalytical, bioinorganic and biochemistry and is supported and further enhanced by the highly interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment in the life sciences at Cornell. ( Chemical Biology research at Cornell is supported by the Chemistry Biology Interface Training Program that is funded by NIH.

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AyeBiocompatible synthetic methodologies in deconvoluting redox regulation, manipulations of protein trafficking, protein multimerization.  Group Website
BairdBiophysical studies of membrane receptor proteins, signal transduction and cellular responses.  Group Website
BaskinCell biology of lipids, new molecular imaging methods.
Cerione Multi-component signal transduction pathways that influence cell growth and differentiation.
ChenSingle molecule spectroscopy, metallochaperone protein-protein interaction, nanocatalysis.  Group Website
CraneProtein electron transfer reactions, photochemistry, nitric oxide and nitration in biological systems
EalickX-ray crystallography of proteins for drug design for studying catalytic mechanisms and protein evolution.  Group Website
LinProtein posttranslational modifications, ADP-ribosylation, dipthamide, C-mannosylation.  Group Website