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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Faculty Detail

Burlitch, James M.

Professor Emeritus

phone: 607/255-4356
room: Baker Laboratory, Room G50B

Department Appointments

  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CHEM)
  • Burlitch, James M.

Graduate Fields

  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Other Affiliations

  • Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR)
  • High Pressure Facility


While Professor Burlitch no longer maintains an active research group, his research interests  focus on the use of novel materials in green energy applications.

Synthesis has been the foundation for our collaborative work in the chemistry of materials.  Whether it is fluorescence of metal ion-doped hosts in the near-IR for laser applications, absorption of amorphous silicates in the far-IR as models for interstellar dust particles, fracture toughness of a metal-ceramic composite, or rare-earth doped nano-particles, we have started by synthesizing materials, usually from precursors in solution.