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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Faculty Detail

Meinwald, Jerrold

Professor Emeritus

phone: 607/255-3301
room: Olin Chemistry Research Wing, Room 582

Department Appointments

  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CHEM)
  • Meinwald, Jerrold

Graduate Fields

  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Other Affiliations

  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology


    Biosynthesis of biologically active natural products, chemical ecology


  • Isolation and identification of biologically active compounds from insect and other arthropod sources
  • Pheromone systems of some amphibian and mammalian species
  • Identification of the messenger molecules involved and the understanding of the underlying signal transduction pathways

Selected Publications

Eisner, T.; Meinwald, J. Alkaloid-Derived Pheromones and Sexual Selection in Lepidoptera. Pheromone Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, G. J. Blomquist and R. C. Vogt, Eds., Elsevier Academic Press, London, 2003, pp. 341-368.

Taggi, A.E.; Meinwald, J.; Schroeder, F. A New Approach to Natural Products Discovery Exemplified by the Identification of Sulfated Nucleosides in Spider Venom. J. Am. Chem. Soc, 2004, 126 (33), 10364.

Schroeder, F.C.; Weibel, D.B.; Meinwald, J. Chiral Silylation Reagents: Determining Configuration via NMR-Spectroscopic Coanalysis. Organic Letters, 2004, 6, 3019.

Meinwald, J. Personal Reflections on Receiving the Roger Adams Award in Organic Chemistry. JOC Perspective, 2005, 70.

Gronquist, M.; Meinwald, J.; Eisner, T.; Schroeder, F. Exploring Uncharted Terrain in Nature's Structure Space Using Capillary NMR Spectroscopy: 13 Steroids from 50 Fireflies. JACS 2005, 127 (31), 10810.