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Electives from Chemistry & Chemical Biology

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Classes of 2017 and Later

Any course offered by the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at the 4000 level or higher may be used as an elective. Some options are listed below, and a complete listing can be found under CHEM in the online course catalog. Students who have completed the core courses are encouraged to take graduate courses at the 6000 or 7000 level in areas of interest. No more than four credits of independent research (CHEM 4210, CHEM 4330, CHEM 4610 or CHEM 4770) may be counted as an elective.

Laboratory courses

CHEM 3010 (synthetic chemistry lab) 4 credits of laboratory
CHEM 3020 (instrumental analysis) 4 credits of laboratory

Analytical chemistry

CHEM 6250 (advanced analytical chemistry)
CHEM 6280 (trace element and isotopic analysis)
CHEM 6290 (electrochemistry)

Chemical biology

CHEM 4500 (principles of chemical biology)
CHEM 4510 (structural chemical biology)
CHEM 6860 (physical chemistry of proteins)
CHEM 7880 (macromolecular crystallography)  

Organic & polymer chemistry

CHEM 6650 (advanced organic chemistry)
CHEM 6660 (synthetic organic chemistry)
CHEM 6690 (transition metal catalysts in organic & polymer synthesis)
CHEM 6700 (fundamental principles of polymer chemistry)
CHEM 6710 (synthetic polymer chemistry)   

Inorganic chemistry

CHEM 4300 (structure and bonding)
CHEM 6050 (advanced inorganic chemistry)
CHEM 6060 (advanced inorganic chemistry)
CHEM 6080 (organometallic chemistry) 

Physical chemistry

CHEM 2880 (introductory to physical chemistry)
CHEM 5810 (computational methods in chemistry)
CHEM 6070 (nanomaterials: chemistry and physics)
CHEM 7870 (mathematical methods of physical chemistry)
CHEM 7910 (spectroscopy)
CHEM 7930 (quantum mechanics I)
CHEM 7940 (quantum mechanics II)
CHEM 7960 (statistical mechanics)