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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Directory of Facilities and Services

Directory of Facilities and Services

[All phone numbers start with 607-25X-XXXX]

Office Phone Fax Email Location More Information
Chair's Office

David Collum
Joyce Boda

5-4175 122 Baker Laboratory
AdvanCed ESR Technology Research Center (ACERT)

Curt Dunnam

5-4632 5-6969 B-28 Baker Laboratory
Alumni Relations
Michael Lenetsky
msl37@cornell.edu122 Baker Laboratory

Business Office

Kevin Ashman
Vonnie (Yvonne) Ellis


5-4137 120 Baker Laboratory

Building Services
David Neish
Jason Russell
Larry Stull

5-7309 B-76 Spencer T. Olin Laboratory
Chemistry IT (ChemIT)

Oliver Habicht
Michael Hint
Roger Garnett
Lulu Zhu


250 Baker Laboratory
Electronic/Instrument Shop

Lars Washburn

5-2372 G-21 Baker Laboratory
Glass Shop

David Wise

5-3674 B-66 Spencer T. Olin Laboratory
Graduate Studies Office

Pat Hine

5-4139 131A Baker Laboratory
Human Resources

Sharon de Roos

5-3642 5-3798 120A Baker Laboratory
Laboratory Services

Ralph Feldhake
Robert Neuman
Rebecca Regan

5-4831 B-1C Baker Laboratory

Vonnie (Yvonne) Ellis

5-4132 5-4137
116 Baker Laboratory

Malcolm Capel
Surajit Banerjee

NE-CAT, Sector 24, LOM 436 Advanced Photon Source Argonne National Laboratory 9700 South Cass Avenue Argonne, IL 60439
NMR Facility

Anthony Condo
Ivan Keresztes

5-0709 or 5-9021 B-54 Baker Laboratory
Physical Sciences Complex Facilities
351-9281 D26 Clark Hall
Polymer Characterization Facility
Anthony Condo
amc88@cornell.edu165 Spencer T. Olin Laboratory

Protein Production Facility

Cynthia Kinsland


B-77 Spencer T. Olin Laboratory
Safety Office and Library

Keane Leitch


121 Baker Laboratory

Joshua Wakeman

5-3356 G-75 Spencer T. Olin Laboratory
Undergraduate Studies Office

Pat Hine
Katy Kempf


131A Baker Laboratory
X-Ray Diffraction Facility

Samantha MacMillan 167 Spencer T. Olin Laboratory